UBC at Universitas 21

Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne and Chair U21; Dr. Karen Gardner, Faculty of Dentistry, UBC; Professor Per Eriksson, Vice-Chancellor, Lund University; Professor Stephen Toope, President, UBC  (photo: Jonas Jacobson)

In May, Professor Toope attended the annual meeting of Universitas 21, which took place at the University of Lund in Sweden. He joined the presidents of universities from around the world in a discussion of the role of higher education in society, and the interplay of research, education and innovation. In May of 2013, UBC will host the next meeting of the U21 presidents; discussions will focus on how to create new generations of future leaders through transformative learning experiences.

At the Lund meeting, UBC’s Dr. Karen Gardner received the inaugural U21 Award for Internationalisation for her work in promoting collaboration, learning, and exchange among international dental students through an innovative website. New research, commissioned by U21, was released at the meeting; it ranks national systems of higher education in terms of environment, output, connectivity and resources. The results of this research can be found here. Professor Toope’s perspective on the research results can be found here.