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Why does UBC have a strategic plan, and what is it used for?

A strategic plan typically sets out an organization’s vision and priorities, together with accompanying strategies, which are realized over several years through an implementation plan and appropriate resourcing. It is considered to be a foundational document that articulates high-level direction, that connects plans from across the institution and that enables the creation of a roadmap for progress.

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Why is UBC creating a new plan now?

Since Place and Promise was launched in 2009, the university has made great progress. It will serve us well to pause and reflect on our achievements and our changing world, and to think about how we would like to develop and adapt over the next 10 years.

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Will Place and Promise still exist?

Place and Promise was introduced in 2009 by President Stephen Toope. This plan will remain in place until a new plan has been endorsed by the UBC Board of Governors.

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Will the new strategic plan be for both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses?

UBC’s people live and work across the province of British Columbia – at our two main campuses in Vancouver and the Okanagan, at our distributed learning sites in hospital and health care centres throughout the province, and at unique locations such as the UBC Learning Exchange. Our strategic plan derives from input from across the breadth of our community, and it will guide and support activity throughout our institution.

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How will the new strategic plan relate to existing Faculty and cross-university strategic plans?

UBC’s new strategic plan will establish institution-wide priorities, strategies and actions, with an emphasis on those areas that are core to the university and those in which we believe UBC can (and must) drive transformative change.  The great work done by our Faculties and other units is the foundation on which the new strategic plan is built. Faculty and cross-university strategic plans are focused on matters of primary concern to those areas. UBC’s new strategic plan will support and connect these, and it will channel further attention to the big ideas and challenges we face together as a university.

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How long will the new strategic plan be in place?

It is anticipated that the new strategic plan will be in place for several years. The underpinning actions that enable us to deliver upon the aspirations outlined in the plan will continue to evolve.

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Who will ultimately decide what goes into the strategic plan?

We are consulting broadly with members of the UBC community and external partners to help shape the framework and priorities that will form the backbone of our strategic plan. Consultation has so far included online surveys, open house events, discussion with multiple groups on campus and beyond, the establishment of a Steering Committee (PDF) – made up of UBC faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members – and dialogue with Deans and other university leaders.

We have also established representative working groups to substantiate the plan through objectives and strategies attached to each major area. Their recommendations will ultimately be provided to the Steering Committee (PDF), Deans and the Executive to form the basis of a draft strategic plan.

Throughout the fall there will be further opportunities for dialogue around the emerging plan, through a series of open house events and an online survey. The plan will ultimately be endorsed by the UBC Okanagan Senate, UBC Vancouver Senate and UBC Board of Governors. The strategic planning process is being overseen by Professor Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor, with support from the Provost and Vice-President Academic for UBC Vancouver, the Vice-President Research and Innovation and the Provost and Vice-Principal Academic for UBC Okanagan.

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What role can the campus community play in its development?

Engagement is vital in this process – from students, faculty, staff, alumni and external partners. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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How can I stay in the loop during the process?

If you are interested in receiving updates on the strategic planning process and future opportunities to provide input on UBC’s strategic plan, you are invited to sign up to our mailing list.

Updates will also be posted on this website.

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I have a question about the process, who can I contact?

If you have a question about the process, email

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