Our process

What has happened so far?

The strategic planning process is well underway.

More than 1,000 people responded to an online survey during December 2016 and January 2017, sharing their initial thoughts on UBC’s future. A Steering Committee, which includes UBC faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members, considered the input and proposed a series of draft priorities for the plan. We invited feedback on these priorities through a series of open house events and an additional online survey in March and April, 2017. Summaries of what we heard from the 7,500 community members who responded to our survey and 350 community members who attended an open house are available below.

Over the summer months, we engaged with Deans, the Executive and other university leaders to explore the draft priorities further and articulate them within an overarching framework. The framework reflects UBC’s core mandate of excellence in learning and research, with the draft priorities represented either as areas for transformational focus, or as underpinning commitments for which we are accountable. It also recognizes the interplay between community engagement and global perspective, as well as the foundational importance of our people and place, both of which are defining features of UBC.

We developed a draft vision statement that seeks to capture the aspiration, intent and pride woven into the responses received through consultation.

Representative working groups have been established to substantiate the framework through objectives and strategies attached to each major area. The groups have been asked to consider the connections across the plan as well as the UBC differentiators. Their recommendations will be provided to the Steering Committee, Deans and the Executive to form the basis of the draft strategic plan. Details of the working group membership can be found here: Strategic Planning Process Working Groups (PDF).

During November and December, 2017, we invited faculty, staff, students and alumni to engage in dialogue around the emerging plan via open houses and an online survey.

Professor Andrew Szeri (Provost and Vice-President, Academic) and Professor Gail Murphy (Vice-President, Research and Innovation), together with Professor Cynthia Mathieson (Provost and Vice-Principal Academic on the Okanagan campus), have been asked to work closely with Professor Santa Ono in these final stages of this journey. The Steering Committee (PDF), along with the Deans and the Executive, will also continue to play a key role in the process, soliciting and interpreting input from the community, and helping to shape the ideas that rest at the heart of the plan. They will ensure that the priorities, strategies and actions are inspirational, achievable and relevant for UBC now and into the future.

Our intention is to share the refined vision, framework and underpinning strategies with the UBC Board of Governors in early 2018 for endorsement.

Process timeline

Our process is aligned with UBC’s engagement principles, which ensure clarity and transparency in how we define, design, implement and conclude public engagement in our community planning processes. The principles were created through consultation with a wide range of partners including campus stakeholders, student government and members of various First Nations communities.

Phase 1 – Project planning (January 2017)
Phase 2 – Visioning, listening, environmental scan (February 2017)
Phase 3 – Engagement and consultation around priorities (March – May 2017)
Phase 4 – Convergence on framework (June – September 2017)
Phase 5 – Convergence on objectives and strategies (October 2017 – January 2018)
Phase 6 – Translation to actions and deliverables (first step in implementation; spring 2018)

What we have heard so far

Thank you to all those who have submitted comments to date, whether through the online surveys, at the open house events, via the website or during one of our Facebook Live events. Please find below a summary of what we have heard so far.

Reports from Phases 1 and 2

Reports from Phase 3

Reports from Phase 5


Do you have a question about the strategic planning process? Email info.strategicplan@ubc.ca