Together Against Racism and Injustice

Recent anti-Black and anti-Asian violence in communities across North America has focused our attention on the deeply rooted racism in Canada and globally. UBC itself is not immune to racism and injustice.

As a university, we need to make it crystal clear that racism and bias have no place in our community and won’t be tolerated.

On behalf of the University, I condemn and denounce all incidents of anti-Black and anti-Asian racism and the continued racism and oppression that is directed at Indigenous communities. We must work together to dismantle the tools of oppression and white supremacy that remain prevalent and entrenched in our everyday systems. It is my hope that at least here at UBC, we can work to model a different kind of community – one where we embrace difference and work to build each other up while enacting values of dignity, mutual respect, and justice.

On this page, I outline the measures I, and the university, have been taking to combat racism at UBC.

I welcome your thoughts. Please fill out the anonymous form at the bottom of this page with your comments, experiences, thoughts and suggestions.

Santa J. Ono
President and Vice-Chancellor

Presidential Statements on Systemic Racism


December 14, 2020  Update on UBC’s Evolving Relationship with the RCMP
Earlier this year, the university made a number of commitments to address issues of systemic racism and ensure we are fostering an inclusive and equitable community for our students, faculty and staff. We’ve made significant progress – much of which is detailed in this recent post announcing the appointment of our new co-executive leads for […]


December 4, 2020  Weekly Update, December 4, 2020
Dear members of the UBC community. I would like to begin by acknowledging that I am speaking to you from the traditional and unceded territory of the Musqueam people. I’d like to share the news that for most programs the winter break has been extended until January 11. Students should keep an eye out for […]


November 13, 2020  Weekly Update, November 13, 2020
Dear members of the UBC community. I would like to begin by acknowledging that I am speaking to you from the traditional and unceded territory of the Musqueam people. Chers membres de la communauté de l’UBC. J’aimerais commencer par vous dire que je m’adresse à vous depuis le territoire traditionnel et non cédé du peuple Musqueam. […]


October 29, 2020  Addressing Issues of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: An Update
UBC remains deeply committed to tackling issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in our core academic mission and to identifying and addressing gaps in supporting racialized students, faculty and staff to succeed.  An inclusive university is one which actively confronts and overcomes systemic barriers faced by different groups and enables everyone to realize their full […]


October 16, 2020  Update on Systemic Bias and Anti-Racism in Higher Education Sessions
Last week, our senior leadership team attended a series of learning and dialogue activities on Systemic Bias and Anti-Racism in Higher Education. I invited Professor Malinda Smith, recently appointed the Vice Provost, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at the University of Calgary, and my EDI team (Dr. Sara-Jane Finlay, Dr. Minelle Mahtani, and Dr. Sheryl Lightfoot), […]


Listening Sessions

I made a commitment to listen to the UBC Black Caucus, Indigenous and Asian groups and other marginalized communities. These are the listening sessions I have had so far. I will continue to listen as we move forward.

Group Date
ACCE 10/07/20
Black Undergrad 25/06/20
Black Students/Staff 21/07/20
Black Faculty 22/07/20
FABIPOC (Fine Arts for BIPOC Student Movement) 20/08/20
ACCE 27/08/20
Social Justice Institute Grad Student Association 16/10/20
IBPOC Connections Staff 20/10/20
FABIPOC 26/10/20
UBCO Faculty 17/12/20

UBCO African Caribbean Student Club



UBCO Asian Student Association


Muslim Student Association 1/2/21


As further sessions are scheduled, they will be added here.


Links and Resources

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Equity Student Advisory Council

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Equity & Inclusion Scholars Program

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