2021 Priorities

In 2021 I am focussing on six areas – academic excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion; indigenous engagement and reconciliation; climate change; UBC’s COVID-19 response; and operational efficiency.

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  1. Academic Excellence
    • My goal is, in collaboration with the Provosts, to define the parameters of the President’s Academic Plan to bring to Senates and Board for approval.
    • We will also champion and foster a culture that continually strives to advance educational technologies and to provide a world-class experience to a broad range of learners.
    • We will engage faculty members, staff, students, and alumni in striving to exceed existing standards of excellence throughout the University in research, teaching and learning, and the student experience.
    • And we will further build UBC’s reputation and visibility as a leading North American and global institution of higher learning and research by ensuring continued success in attracting and retaining outstanding faculty members, staff, and students.
  2. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    • I intend to advocate for and continue to make meaningful progress in improving UBC’s diversity among students, staff, and faculty members through thoughtful and deliberate action resulting in continued successful implementation of the Inclusion Action Plan.
  3. Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation
    • I will continue Indigenous engagement and reconciliation by strengthening UBC’s engagement with Indigenous communities and providing shared leadership for the implementation of the Indigenous Strategic Plan.
  4. Climate Change
    • I will continue to champion the implementation of the Climate Action Plan through collaborations and development of innovative and effective solutions that can be integrated into operations in a financially responsible way and will consolidate UBC’s position as a leader in economic, environmental, and social sustainability. I will also engage at the national and international levels on this issue through my role in Universities Canada, the U7+ and the UC3.
  5. COVID-19 response
    • I will advocate UBC’s aspiration to be a leading university in COVID19 response that creates a healthy and safe community through attention to housing, mental health, safety, and recreation and fiscal responsibility.
    • I will also support the implementation of a remote work program that fosters employee engagement, attraction and retention, and considerations around environmental impacts.
    • I will work to ensure that UBC students enjoy a student experience comparable to in-person instruction, regardless of where they are located.
    • And I will ensure that we evaluate and apply lessons learned from the pandemic into future planning to mitigate risk and leverage opportunities.
  6. Operational efficiency
    • I plan to steward the establishment of a UBCV/O operating model that optimizes the distribution of resources across UBCV and UBCO to support the core mission, values and purpose of the University.
    • I and my executive team will focus on UBC-Vancouver and UBC-Okanagan budgets with a view to ensuring a clear delineation of administrative structures and an alignment of budget frameworks between both campuses.
    • We will provide clear and visible leadership in the implementation and benefits realization of the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP), and assess the opportunities and impacts that can be strategically leveraged across UBCV and UBCO campuses and portfolios (for example, libraries, Bi-campus teaching, separate Faculty Association agreements) to deliver on common and unique goals.