Dr. Gerald Chan

Chairman and CEO, Morningside Group

Dr. Gerald Chan, the cofounder of the Morningside Group, is renowned as a scientist, a businessman and philanthropist.

The recipient of six honorary degrees, Dr. Chan is a trustee of Scripps Research Institute, and a member of the Dean’s Board of Advisors of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Dr. Chan also chairs the Innovation Advisory Committee of the Wellcome Trust in London and the Committee of Overseers of Morningside College of Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He received his BS and MS degrees in Engineering from UCLA, a Master of Science degree in Medical Radiological Physics, and a Doctor of Science degree in Radiation Biology from Harvard University.

The theme running through his portfolio companies is novel science, often unexpected and orthogonal to conventional thinking. Mindful of the unsustainability of ever rising healthcare cost, he has also championed the repurposing of approved drugs for new indications based on new scientific findings.

UBC is grateful for Gerald Chan’s remarkable support of education and cultural understanding throughout the world—and his sage guidance on how UBC can advance innovation in key areas.