Speeches & Announcements

This is What Hope Looks Like
January 30, 2020
Third Space Life Charity Willowstone Academy, Kelowna   Thank you everybody for being here this evening in support of an issue that is close to my heart: student mental health and wellbeing. This conversation is timely; as you may know, yesterday was Bell Let’s Talk Day.  UBC participates in this program, which raises funds for […]

Global University, Global Family
January 20, 2020
Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, UBC Vancouver campus Thank you, Sheldon for the kind introduction.  Sheldon and Emelda, we are delighted that you have joined us all the way from Hong Kong for tonight’s event. Your enduring commitment to UBC is truly appreciated—and speaks to the global reach of our UBC community. Thank you for […]

Students as Partners: Leveraging Human Capital to Advance Digital Innovation
December 17, 2019
6th Annual Conference on Educational Innovation (CIIE 2019) Tecnologico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico Thank you. Coming all the way from the west coast of Canada where things are considerably colder and darker at the moment, it’s a treat for me to be able to join you here in Mexico, especially at Tecnologico de Monterrey. UBC […]

30 Years Later: Remembering Them
December 6, 2019
Vancouver Beam of Light Ceremony, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Good morning. Thirty years ago today, 14 young women were killed at École Polytechnique de Montréal because they were women. At the time of the attack, I had recently moved from Montreal to Harvard, after completing my studies at McGill University. I was also […]

Humanizing Leadership and Harmonizing Learning
November 21, 2019
BC School Superintendents Association, Vancouver Thank you, Sue-Ellen.  It is truly an honour to join you here today. It is always a privilege to be able to join fellow educators for robust conversation around matters of teaching, learning and leadership. It’s good to be able to step out of that fast-moving river of responsibility now […]

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