The Blue and Goldcast

The Blue and Goldcast is a monthly podcast hosted by UBC President & Vice-Chancellor Santa J. Ono.

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Episode 21: Species at Risk
UBC’s Vancouver campus sits at the tip of one of the most important estuaries in the province, the Fraser River. In this estuary alone, there are 102 species at risk of extinction. My guest today, Tara Martin of the Faculty of Forestry, studies this area, as well as how to best save species at risk. […]

Episode 20: Thunderbikes are Go!
Bhargav Thoom and Daniel Zhao are both mechanical engineering students at our Vancouver campus. They’re also the leads of the UBC Thunderbikes, a student design team working on electric bikes. In this episode of the Blue & Goldcast they talk to Santa about the Thunderbikes electrical bike project. Download the transcript here.

Episode 19: Kevin Golovin’s Cool COVID Protection
In this episode, Santa talks to UBC Okanagan professor Kevin Golovin about his anti-fouling and anti-fogging face shields and his “cool” research. Download the transcript here.

Episode 18: Everything You Wanted to Know About UBC’s Senates!
UBC Okanagan professors Jan Cioe and Jannick Eikenaar talk to Santa about the university’s senates and why they matter. Download the transcript here.

Episode 17: Introducing the CanMask!
I’m joined by UBC engineering professors Johan Foster and Orlando Rojas who have been working with a multidisciplinary team of researchers and scientists to design what may be the world’s first fully compostable and biodegradable medical mask—the CanMask.  Download the transcript here.

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