The Blue and Goldcast

The Blue and Goldcast is a monthly podcast hosted by UBC President & Vice-Chancellor Santa J. Ono.

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Episode 12: UBC as a Climate Leader
This week on the Blue & Goldcast, Santa talks to Dr. Walter Mérida, the president’s senior advisor on climate, as well as the director of the Clean Energy Research Centre. Dr. Mérida and Santa sit down to discuss how UBC can continue its role as a climate leader in Canada and beyond. You can learn […]

Episode 11: Land & Food Systems Roundtable
 Blue and Goldcast · Episode 11: Land & Food Systems Roundtable This week on the Blue and Goldcast, join Santa and guests for a roundtable discussion about how the Faculty of Land and Food Systems is integrating anti-racist and social equity frameworks into the natural sciences, while partnering with communities along the way. Dr. […]

Episode 10: The Indigenous Strategic Plan
 Blue and Goldcast · Episode 10: The Indigenous Strategic Plan On September 14th, UBC launched its 2021 Indigenous Strategic Plan. On this episode of Blue & Goldcast, Santa Ono sits down with Dr. Sheryl Lightfoot. She was one of the driving forces behind the strategic plan, and is Santa’s senior advisor on Indigenous Affairs. […]

Episode 9: Congressional Hearings
The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences was hosted at UBC from June 1st to the 7th, 2019. It’s the largest academic conference in Canada. As delegates shared big ideas, Santa and Margot discuss the future of higher education with Jessica Riddell of Bishop’s University. Blue and Goldcast · Blue And Goldcast Episode 9: […]

Episode 8: Mental Health
Emily Jenkins still remembers the basketball coach that changed her life. Now, she’s an assistant professor at UBC’s School of Nursing, and works in youth mental health. Emily joins Santa and Margot to discuss how she wound up in this career, her collaborative work with young people, and how universities can help students and faculty […]

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