The Blue and Goldcast

The Blue and Goldcast is a monthly podcast hosted by UBC President & Vice-Chancellor Santa J. Ono.

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Episode 16: EDI in Applied Science
I’m joined by Sheryl Staub-French, the Associate Dean of UBC’s Faculty of Applied Science to discuss the Faculty’s equity, diversity, and inclusion strategies. Here at UBC, we’re committed to doing better by all of our students, faculty, and staff. That means advancing and prioritizing our understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion, or EDI, not just […]

Episode 15: Let’s Talk About Mental Health
In this episode of the Blue and Goldcast, I talk to Kathryn Gretsinger about students and mental health. Kathryn and her team of 80 students, journalists, and academics have been working on a cross-border investigation into mental health issues with 10 journalism schools in Canada and the US. Download the transcript here.

Episode 14: Fostering Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UBC
In this episode of the Blue and Goldcast, I talk to Karen Ragoonaden about the complexities – and the necessity – of fostering equity, diversity and inclusion at a modern university. Download the transcript here.

Episode 13: Order in the Court
UBC President Santa Ono talks to Professor Camden Hutchison from the Peter A. Allard School of Law about the differences and similarities between the Supreme Court of Canada and the Supreme Court of the USA.   Download the transcript here.

Episode 12: UBC as a Climate Leader
This week on the Blue & Goldcast, Santa talks to Dr. Walter Mérida, the president’s senior advisor on climate, as well as the director of the Clean Energy Research Centre. Dr. Mérida and Santa sit down to discuss how UBC can continue its role as a climate leader in Canada and beyond. You can learn […]

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